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How to push the wrong elevator button? 2016/9/20

How to push the wrong elevator button? Teach you various ways to solve problem immediately.
Now most of the elevators are equipped with the program of cancellation of wrong button floor, but the operation is not the same for the different elevator manufacturer, to find the correct solution is the most important.
The following method is for the latest production of the elevator to cancel the wrong floor.
Hitachi elevator: Long press the wrong floor button, the light can be canceled;
Fujitec lift: Press the wrong button 5 times;
Toshiba elevator: Press the wrong button 2 times or long press;
Panasonic Elevator: Press the wrong button can be canceled after 2 times;
Mitsubishi: Mitsubishi designs is the same as Toshiba elevator,Press the wrong button 2 times or long press.

Precautions for the usage of buttons in the elevator car 2016/6/7

When passenger takes the elevator, he should firstly press the floor selection button or door open button/ door close button slightly, it is forbidden to hit the button fiercely or with sharp objects. When there is water or oil on hands, please clean it and conduct the floor selection button, so as to avoid polluting the button, or penetrate water into the operation panel, which may result in breakage or electric shock...

How To Design Reasonable Lift Buttons

Don’t you think the up-down push button on elevator is confusing? Who can tell it means moving elevator upside or moving passengers upside? Is there another kind of elevator button to avoid such misunderstanding?

For example, If we move the inside buttons group for choosing floor to the outside on every elevator floor, and only leave emergency button inside, so that passengers just need to press the outside button destination floor before they wait for the coming of elevator, they don’t need to press any button after entering into elevator, since all information for which floor they want to go have has been all collected in advance.

However, such design will leads to higher cost for installing and maintenance, which is not an ideal design therefore.

If we can get a clear idea of what it means by pressing the up-down push button at the beginning of taking elevator, this problem won’t exist.

Obviously, the elevator used most often currently is the best strategy. We shouldn’t suspect without reason the designing standard that people all over the world keep to.

The world's strangest elevator

From 150 years of history since the elevator was invented, as the passengers appreciate the comfort of modern equipment at the same time, the risk is always there, around the frequency of the elevator Cry events also allow people to have no small fear this small space feeling. This does not preclude such a help system in the process of human civilization, around the world, a wide range of elevator is actually a Scenery.

1.Volkswagen’s car tower elevator at autostadt in Wolfsburg Germany.

Volkswagen’s car tower elevator

2.Chile Valparaiso, get on a funicular elevator with the cable car, you can cover all at one glance.

funicular elevator with the cable car

3.The world's most luxurious super cruise ship Oasis of the Seas, there is luxury cruise ship elevator bar, you can move back and forth between the three floors by elevator.

luxury cruise ship elevator bar

4.Dubai Burj Khalifa Tower has 56 sets elevator, the speed is up to 17.4m/s, it is the fastest elevator and run the longest distance elevators in the world.

Dubai Burj Khalifa Tower

5.Germany Berlin Radisson Hotel, the world's largest cylindrical aquarium, which was built in 2003, visitors can close glimpse of the 25-meter high aquarium, the trick is to take the internal elevator - In the inner diameter of 9 meters within the fish tank, there is an escalator that allows visitors a panoramic view to watch the huge aquarium, sometimes, there are divers and tourists greeted in a fish bowl.

Germany Berlin Radisson Hotel elevator

6.A 15-floor residential building, the bathroom is installed at the top of the elevator, and the bottom of bathroom is made transparent glass, you can not enter if you have a fear of heights.

7.United States Las Vegas, Nevada,192 meters at the top of the visitors to either climb the 1076 steps, or in groups of five oval elevator ride, and then between the fused eight elevators, only four minutes you can reach the top.

8.Scotland, United Kingdom, the Falkirk wheel huge building known as the water elevator did not. As the world's first rotary ship drawbridge, May 24, 2002, it unveiled by Her Majesty the Queen officially completed.

9.Switzerland Hammetschwand elevator locates at an altitude of 1,132 metres, it is the highest outdoor elevator in Europe. Already 105 years ago, the trip on board this lift was taking the breath away from its first passengers. Today, the lift makes the 152-metre vertical run in less than a minute, and the excitement of speeding so quickly skyward is exceeded only by the thrill of taking in the spectacular view.

Switzerland Hammetschwand elevator

10.Hunan Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan, a hundred long elevator. Before there were reports that 100 Long lift in the world natural heritage Zhangjiajie Scenic Area refresh three Guinness World Records: the world's highest full-exposure outdoor elevator, world's highest double-decker sightseeing elevator, as well as the world's largest passenger traffic the fastest elevator.

a hundred long elevator